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Class Dates

January 20th at 9:30 AM

Handgun Training

Lv 1.   Mandatory before other classes

Basic handgun.  

If you have never had formal training this is the class for you!  We will cover the basics of handgun shooting and help you develop proper from and discipline.  Every shooter will come away better after this class no matter your skill level!  This class covers much of what a $2000 4 day class does!

Trigger control, sight picture, slow controlled fire. 
Accuracy is the goal.  You can’t stop what you can’t hit.
Static shooting.  Paper and steel targets.  100 rounds minimum.  Eye, Ear, Handgun and Holster required.

This is a two night class.  

What to expect

First night:  Class room time learning about your gun, dry fire drills, drawing, loading, unloading and dealing with 3 types of malfunctions.
No live ammo in the class room this night.

Second night:  Range time.  Applying what we learned with live firing drills.

You will draw and fire from a holster, reload and clear malfunctions.

The cost for this class is $200.  


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